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The Top 5 Highest Ranked Calipers

Posted by Travers Team on May 7, 2021 8:00:00 AM
Travers Team

We've compiled our top 5 caliper tools of based on sales, customer reviews and our tech team's input. From outstanding high precision accuracy, to offering unparalleled value and to innovative cutting edge features, these five calipers land at the top of our list with good reason. Watch our video as tech team member Kurt Repsher introduces the calipers and demonstrates some of their features.



top 5 caliper measuring tools

#5: TTC 0~6" Electronic CaliperTTC 0~6" Electronic Caliper

This caliper provides inside and outside dimensions, provides inch/metric conversion, plus includes a depth gage for depth measurements. These capabilities are paired with a large, easy-to-read viewing screen, making this tool a best-selling customer favorite for over a decade. This caliper provides maximum value and versatility at a fraction of comparable name brand calipers. Ideal for students, journeymen and hobbyists!
Travers Tool Order #57-016-060


#4: Elite Precision Smart 0~6" Electronic CaliperElite Precision Smart 0~6" Electronic Caliper

IP54 water, oil and coolant protection? This has it. Easy-to-read high contrast display? Check. This caliper also has built-in Smart data for Bluetooth connectivity, all complete with ISO Certification at a price that can't be beat. Ideal for machinists and shops utilizing wireless, smart technology to increase efficiency.
Travers Tool Order #57-017-658


TTC 0~6" Dial Caliper


Ease-of-use and competitive pricing make this caliper a must-have for any shop. Complete with satin chrome finish on a durable stainless steel body with crisp, engraved graduations for years of use. Adjusting slide for fine adjustment, and thumb roll provide smooth movement and allow single-handed usage. Ideal for students, home machinists, and to serve as a back-up caliper for shops.
Travers Tool Order #57-015-006




#2: Mitutoyo 0~6" Dial Caliper57-015-155

This popular dial caliper provides inside, outside, depth and step measurements with an impressive accuracy of ±.001". Durable and made for years of use, this caliper sports an extra rigid main beam and hardened stainless steel throughout. The caliper also features an extra-large dial face for easy reading, and additional models are available in a variety of dial face colors that make assigning a color to a department or individual in your shop an option. Ideal for professional machinists and machine shops performing high precision applications. 
Travers Tool Order #57-015-155
View all available dial face colors and options here
0~8" models, 0~12" models and metric models are also available.

#1: Mitutoyo 0~6" Electronic Caliper

Mitutoyo 0~6" Electronic Caliper

This best-selling electronic caliper is an industry favorite! Complete with absolute measuring, this caliper remembers its measuring position even after the gage has been switched off. Zero/ABS allows the display to be zero set at any point on the slider for easy incremental measurements, and with inch/metric conversion, this caliper provides maximum versatility and durability. Ideal for professional machinists, engineers and quality control departments.
Travers Tool Order #57-016-342


Want To Learn More about caliper measuring tools?


Download our valuable guide on the proper selection and usage of digital, dial, and Vernier calipers. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each, and which caliper best meets your needs and suits your application. Find information on:

  • The fundamentals of calipers
  • The features and appropriate use of digital, dial and Vernier calipers
  • The benefits of calibrated calipers
  • Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings explained

Download Caliper Guide

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